Gut Health Gang Mentor – WA

I’m a wife and a mother of 2 girls (16 and 12 years) and I’m 51… yes you can have a giggle, I was breastfeeding at my 40th birthday.

As most people do, I decided to clean out my wardrobe and get rid of everything I no longer wore. (Which is, if I’m being honest is really code for “What no longer fits”) Now I’ve always maintained a comfortable weight of 62 – 65 kilos and I’ve been more than happy with these fluctuations.

So I’m trying on clothes… feeling more and more disappointed and frustrated, then I turned around and I saw I had 12 pairs of jeans folded on my bed that didn’t fit anymore. Hey, don’t judge some people collect teaspoons ok! Off to the op shop they go! That night as I put the nicely folded pile of jeans on the floor I calculated how much my “Collection” cost. Should not have done that! $5000

OMG who puts $5000 in an Op shop collection bin??? Nope I’m going to lose this weight and get back into my jeans!

Morning thought, with large strong coffee, I need to get serious about this weight gain I had been experiencing over the past 18 months. I knew what it was…Cue menopause… what on earth is happening to my body? I feel bloated all the time, I want to sleep more than my dearly departed Nanna did at the age of 90 and I had no stamina. So I took myself off to the Drs (Menopause Specialist) and she pretty much said this is what happens when you go through menopause! Say what??? What about all those other 50 year olds that are looking fab and energetic what are they doing that I’m not??? I’m dropping my 12 year old off at school and I’m sure some of the parents are thinking, “Is that Nanny?” I am the oldest Year 6 mum at school but, do I need to feel like it?

Fast forward 3 months and the jeans have gone from the bed to the floor every night… one night my brave husband asked “how long are you going to keep moving those jeans” (don’t panic he is still alive…just) I sat down and had a think about a conversation I had 18 months ago, well not really a conversation it was a passing remark at an Equestrian event from a dressage judge sitting in a car that said to me, you should get on my Facebook page I can help you with those hot flushes! Great now random people can see how much I’m struggling with this beast called “MENOPAUSE”!

So I contacted the very observant lady and she added me to her Facebook page. I sat in the background watching other people commenting on how easy they were losing the weight but more importantly how much energy they had! Got to get me some of that, between the horses and the girls I’m struggling to get past 11am without crashing! Drinking coffee, strong coffee at that just trying to make lunchtime.

Enough was enough, I’ve tried losing the weight myself with all the knowledge I have gained over my 50 years but nothing was working, and I was actually putting on weight not losing it. So what do I have to loose… See Pic below that’s what!!! Woohoo go meeeeee! And I did it over Christmas and New Year! But you know what, it was so easy and I have not had a nanna nap since the 17th December!

Now, I am a Mentor, helping others with weight loss support. I love what I do, I have great passion for my position as I know exactly what it takes and the struggles people face and it saved me from so many unhappy days.

I love my life and how I feel. I have so much energy and want to shout to the roof tops that this works!!

Nearly a year down the track and I have kept all my weight off and helped so many others with their weight loss journey.

I would love to help so many more!!


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